“The bedroom became breathtaking; the colors gorgeous. She managed to achieve the romantic, comfy-cozy effect I was looking for”.Doreen ludica Vigue, Boston Globe Writer

“Carol transformed my living room and dining room from 1970’s velvet furniture with heavy formal draperies to the look of an English country garden. On the day that the two rooms were completed, I arrived home and could not believe my eyes. Although it was snowing outside, I was walking into candlelit rooms that were just so beautiful… I had once seen a furniture advertisement which stated ‘Is your bedroom a sanctuary? When you walk in at night and crawl under the covers, in the moment before you turn out the light, do you look around and think to yourself I Really Love This Room? Well you should ‘. The words in this advertisement reflect how I feel about every room that Carol has redesigned and decorated in my home. When I walk through the door each evening I love how my home feels.”
Barbara, Stoneham, MA

“[Carol is] amazingly talented, with an eye for color and design that has transformed my condo. I would never have been able to navigate this daunting project without [her] guidance.” Donna M., Charlestown, MA

“The feeling we get when in our new room is exactly what we were hoping to achieve; warm, comfortable, and relaxing. This outcome is a direct reflection of the way in which you were able to interpret our thoughts, ideas and goals. The walls and fireplace are truly a work of art. Carol’s passion for her work and expertise are clearly what differentiates her from others.” Dave & Gail, Billerica, MA


Article in the Deseret News by Boston Globe Writer, Doreen ludica Vigue…


…”The compulsive rearranging began at summer’s end. Back from vacation and focused on home again, I didn’t like what I saw: The sofa suddenly seemed old and worn, the window treatments dull, the accessories boring and out of place.
So I began moving things around. And around. And around. This looked better here. No there. That was better on this wall – on second thought, it should be on that wall. This went on for weeks. I was never satisfied with the results. All I succeeded in doing was disorienting my family and disl-iking practically everything we owned…”